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NORTH BRANFORD - Rumors of a threat against two North Branford schools last week have left some parents and students panicked and seeking answers, which the school system claims they received last week.

The Superintendent of North Branford Schools told Fox 61 Monday afternoon that parents have no reason to be upset with how the school system handled what turned out to be nothing more than rumors.

Last week, some North Branford parents and students read a number of scoial media posts and heard rumors about about a high school student threatening to shoot up the high school and middle school.

"We are vigilant in our effort every time we get information to do a thorough investigation, with the assistance of the North Branford police and there is nothing there ," saIs Scott Schoonmaker, the Superintendent of North Branford Public Schools.

Schoonmaker added that it was simply a case of rumors spinning out of control.

"We’ve been reaching out to the superintendent since Friday, asking for clarification, on these rumors that have circulated about this child," said Allysa Buck, a concerned parent.
But, Schoonmaker pointed to an email the high school principal crafted that was sent to all parents, district wide, Friday morning. It read, in part "at no time was there any sort of threat to any student, site or individual."

"If they had been a little bit clearer in explaining things to parents, because some parents just glanced at these emails," said Buck, acknowledging that not thoroughly reading an email is not the school system's fault.

One parent told Fox 61 off camera she did not receive the email. And, not knowing it was just a rumor, her middle school child was afraid to go to school.

"When we send out over 1,700 emails or to the high school, with duplicates of parents sometimes, you know, parents got left off for whatever reason," said Schoonmaker.

But, the handful of parents that showed up to meet with Schoonmaker, outside the middle school auditorium, seemed to be satisfied after speaking with him.

"As the Superintendent told us, that if those things were true of the student he would not be allowed in school at all," said Buck.

The Superintendent added that the student accused of these threats was named on social media, which he says is completely unfair.

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