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CREC schools in Hartford will roll back school hours to save money

HARTFORD – Changes are coming to CREC Schools in Hartford.

Tuesday evening inside the CREC Greater Hartford Academy for the Arts High School, leaders answered questions from parents and teachers about the biggest change coming next school year.

“The length of the school day for the full day students is going to be shortened,” said Superintendent Timothy Sullivan.

He says this is a necessary consequence stemming from the state’s previous budget issues. CREC Schools will now be seven and a half hours long; an hour less than normal.

Sullivan says classes will not be cut. Full day students who used to take their art programs after school will now have those same programs integrated throughout the school day.

“They’re going to have access to high quality arts. They’re still going to have access to high quality artist instructors,” said Sullivan.

He said the change will only affect incoming 8th grade students and younger.

“All the students that are currently at the school will be grandfathered to finish their programming whether they're half day students or full day students,” said Sullivan.

He plans to hold one last meeting with 8th graders and the parents of 5th graders to answer any questions they have with the changes.

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