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WorkinCT #CTConfident: New CEO of Trinity Health of New England says it’s all about the community

When Dr. Reginald Eadie came to Trinity Health of New England from Michigan, he hit the ground running, quickly interacting with the patients and staff at the organization’s hospitals like St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford to see what they have to say about the level of care.

“My leadership style is let’s find out while we have the community in our place, in our house. So having walks around the hospital, interacting with the physicians, with the employees, and the community to find out just how things are going in real-time, I think we can do any service that’s necessary, but more importantly, we can meet their needs at the bedside. And I think that’s the new approach to healthcare in this century,” said Dr. Reginald Eadie, CEO of Trinity Health of New England, which consists of St. Francis in Hartford, St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs, Mount Sinai Rehab Hospital in Hartford and Mercy Medical Center in Springfield.

The changing demands of healthcare and balancing the needs of patients and staff are all on Eadie’s mind.

He says he always thinks about what he calls the three C’s: community, colleagues and clinicians.

“We make sure that we have an experience that is ideal for all of them, and then we do it at the lowest cost structure possible. That value proposition is what’s necessary for hospitals throughout the country to be successful,” said Eadie.

Another way to keep hospital systems successful is creating economies of scale. He says that’s why we’re seeing so many mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

“We’re looking at every single opportunity in the state of Connecticut and throughout all of New England to be frank, where there is a way for us to better serve the communities, meet the community needs,” said Eadie.

That’s why Eadie has also made it a priority to get out in the community and meet people both inside and outside the hospital.

“I’m doing the best I can to meet as many people as possible to understand what the State of Connecticut needs and to go back to my team and put our heads together to figure out how to meet those needs,” he said.

Eadie has also implemented a new initiative at St. Francis, where patients are seen within 29 minutes of their arrival at the Emergency Department. He says it’s about speeding up the process and doing it safely. The hospital posts the current wait time on its website.

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