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Despite little snow forecast for New Haven area, crews have concerns

HAMDEN --  The Department of Public Works in Hamden is still cleaning up for the May tornado.

An early winter storm is certainly not what the community needs.

"We are always ready," said Craig Ceasare, Hamden's Director of Public Works & Parks. "But, just mentally ready? Yeah. I don’t think so."

A full fleet of 17 trucks and tons of sand are waiting for the snow to start falling late Thursday afternoon.

Cesare said his crews have a list of things to finish up, before winter settles in. That includes paving of several roads in the town's south end. Rebuilding curbs, which were damaged last winter, is also on the list.

And, with Hamden’s topography, with hills and flat lands, the DPW crews have to be ready for anything.

"There of been times where we have had two inches of snow up north and rain in the south," Cesare said. "It’s very common in these types of storms because it’s all supposed to change to rain."

Meanwhile, in New Haven, they're fairly certain they'll be OK with this storm.

"We are starting to load our trucks up now with just salt for this operation," said Lynwood Dorsey, of New Haven Public Works, on Wednesday afternoon.

While little to no accumulation is expected in New Haven, Dorsey said there is something to be concerned about, leaves.

"Use extreme caution because the roads are gonna be slippery with the leaves on the streets," he said.

Dorsey said he actually won't mind working this storm because it will be his last. He's retiring on Friday and moving to South Carolina.

"I’ve been doing this for 30 years now," he said with a smile. "This time of the year, we have to get ready, start prepping."

Hamden DPW said assuming the snow is melted, they will handle picking up leaves, that are raked to the curb on Saturday.

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