The Washington Sculpture Walk incorporates local artists’ work into town’s landscape

Story by Maya Missana and Soleil Scinto, Shepaug Valley School

The Washington Art Association, or WAA, is a non profit organization dedicated to enriching the community within the quaint New England town of Washington, through art.

WAA offers a multitude of artistic shows and opportunities, but among the most impactful and influential events is the 2018 WAA Sculpture Walk. Beginning in July, the Sculpture Walk brought over 60 beautiful sculptures to Washington Depot from a multitude of internationally recognized artists as well as local ones, including works from figures such as Robert Taplin, Lauren Booth and Frank Stella.

“I co-curated the show with Barbara Talbot, and the idea was that I would probably bring some colleagues up from New York, and the area, and balance it out with people she knew locally around here, and it worked out great,“ said Mark Mennin, co-curator and artist in the show. “A nice mix of people, mediums and materials; a nice variety, or survey rather of contemporary artists”

Aside from simply bringing a wide variety of artists to Washington and incorporating their art into the exhibition, the Sculpture walk also presents an opportunity for artists to be recognized individually for their work. “Mark Mennin wanted me to be in it, and it was really nice of them to offer a spot for me to be in the show. It was just a nice opportunity. Public art is important, just for community basis, where everybody kind of sees stuff that they wouldn’t normally see,” said Will Talbot, a local sculptor whose work was included in the Sculpture Walk.

“It kind of brings the community closer together while also bringing outsiders in, and that tourism is nice as well.”

WAA’s Sculpture Walk has positively impacted the community of Washington in a number of ways. This outdoor exhibition has not only beautifully integrated art into the town’s natural landscape, but also recognizes artists within the community by giving them a chance to display their art publicly.

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