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A major relic of a saint comes to New Haven

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NEW HAVEN — A major relic of the Saint who is held up as the ideal of what a Catholic priest should be was at New Haven’s St. Mary’s Church this weekend.

The solemn vigil for purification in the wake of recent controversies surrounding sexual abuse by clergy in the Catholic Church. The three hour prayer vigil had the whole incorruptible heart of St. John Vianney from its normal shrine in France.

“In this time in our church where yes, there have been some horrific examples of priests falling catastrophically short of what they’re called to do, and called to be to have this relic of this saint who is the patron saint of catholic priests, so he’s a model that’s being held up to us of what the priest hood is meant to be, and the holiness is meant to be it’s a real great blessing to have this relic here,” said Father John Paul Walker, pastor St. Mary Parish.

The major relic of the saint will also be at the Knights of Columbus Museum for several days staring Monday through Sunday, Nov. 25, excluding Thanksgiving Day.

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