Cold can lead to more fire dangers in homes: Hartford Fire Department

HARTFORD — A bitter cold is expected for this Thanksgiving.

The Hartford Fire Department said they're expecting to see a rise in kitchen fires for the holiday season. They’re also warning about a deadly hazard you can’t see, carbon monoxide when heating your home.

“Carbon monoxide heaters are so important to have in the home because carbon monoxide is undetectable to smell, taste, touch, you can't even see it,” said Deputy Chief Alvaro Cucuta.

Cucuta is warning residents to not heat their homes with their ovens--- which can leak deadly carbon monoxide into your home, and to make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector on every floor.

While you’re making that Thanksgiving feast don’t walk away from your kitchen while cooking.

“One of our common causes of kitchen fires is unattended cooking, so it's very important especially during the holidays, to be very mindful when you're cooking, and never leave the stove in the kitchen unattended while you're cooking,” said Cucuta.

If you have an electric portable heater, it should be at least three feet from any house hold items to prevent a fire.

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