Haitian boy gets second chance at CCMC

HARTFORD -- Jean Oliver was a normal 9-year-old boy, until a tumor took over his jaw, growing at a rapid pace.

His father only speaks his native creole, but say with an interpreter after his son's successful eight-hour surgery Wednesday morning.

Dr. Stuart Lieblick, and his team, performed the arduous surgery free of charge for the young boy. If they hadn't, they say Jean's tumor would have been life-threatening within the year.

The travel, accommodations, surgery, scans, anesthesia were all paid for through Connecticut Children's Medical Center's Compassionate Care Fun, and by donations from the Calvary Church in Chicago.

Jean and his father arrived from Haiti Saturday. He had scans and exams Monday, and following his surgery, doctors felt optimistic.

Doctor's also say Jean's happiness was contagious!