What’s on your Summer #CTBucketList?

Cold weather doesn’t freeze holiday plans!

DURHAM -- The state’s severe cold weather protocol remained under effect Friday morning as temperatures hovered in the single digits in many parts of the state.

Many stayed indoors to avoid the bitter cold temperatures, but some still layered up and were out and about during the morning hours.

“I have about three layers on her sweatshirt her jacket gloves everything to you just can’t be too careful when it comes to the cold,”

Warm centers remained open throughout the early morning hours in places like Hartford. While a statewide severe cold weather protocol advised people to stay indoors for some professions that’s not always an option.

“I mean we’ve seen it all sleet, snow freezing rain, rain mud I mean so you just got to deal with it,” Herzig family tree farm owner Warren Herzig said.

While low temperatures are not ideal, the day after thanksgiving kick starts a very busy season for the farm so staying in was not an option.

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