Craig’s Kitchen serving up Thanksgiving love

VERNON -- While the temperatures outside were bone-chilling for Thanksgiving, inside Craig's Kitchen is anything but. The small restaurant is filled with warmth, love, and gratitude.

Matthew Askren, a diner at the restaurant, just moved to West Hartford from Atlanta with his wife, Tiffany, along with their two young sons.

The family moves around a lot for Matthew's work, and they don't really have any family or friends in New England.

So, it only made sense for them to check out Craig's Kitchen in Vernon for a Thanksgiving meal!

Craig Wright opened up his restaurant for a free Thanksgiving Meal , and dozens of donations poured in.

After spending years in and out of prison, and living on the streets from the age of 18 to 25, Wright decided to make a change.

After his final sentence, Wright went to a halfway house.

And then? He opened up his own business!

He lives and breathes Craig's Kitchen,  so what was a better way to spend Thanksgiving than to give back to his community?