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Thousands of dollars worth of birds stolen from pet shop in New Haven

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NEW HAVEN -- Police are investigating after they said several high-priced birds were stolen from a pet store early Tuesday morning.

New Haven Police Department said around 3:28 a.m., a newspaper deliverer called police after he’d spotted the door to the Worldwide Fish & Pet Store had been pried open.

Police said when they arrived, they found an "unusual crime scene."

"The defeated door was being propped open by a piece of metal," police said in a release. "There was some pet food scattered about. Feathers, including a long blue one, were discovered. Red and blue feathers were discovered at the back of the shop. The cops found a number for the owner and asked that he come down to his business."

Police said the owner looked around and realized several high-priced birds were gone, roughly $15,000 in mainly Parrots, Conures and Cockatoos.

Police said among the missing is a Scarlet Macaw $2,800, two Blue and Gold Macaws $2,500 each, an African Grey $2,500, a Severas Macaw $1,400, two Grimson Belly Conures $550 each and an Orange Sun Conure $349.

The owner, Peter Sachs, told police that several cages, some containing several Cockatoos were also stolen $1,800.

Sachs said he just wants a peace of mind knowing his birds are okay.

"There were feathers at the back on the ground," said Sachs who has owned the store for over four years.

Sachs believed 10 to 18 birds were stolen which totals up to approximately $30,000.

"Birds are really popular now. They’ve gone up a lot in the last few years. The demand for birds has gone up dramatically and the supply is not going to maximum demand," added Sachs.

"It’s possible a U-Haul truck was used to pilfer the pricey psittacines (Parrots)," said police. "Detectives continue to search for surveillance footage from area businesses and traffic cameras."

Sachs said he raised the birds since they were just a few weeks old and this was his plea for those who stole them.

"I just hope the people who have them will take care of them, keep them warm and make sure they’re taken care of properly," added Sachs.

Sachs said the parrots originate from the rainforest meaning they can only handle temperatures as low as the 50s, but once it drops below that, the parrots may stop eating.

Moving forward, Sachs said he plans on installing an alarm system and get his cameras working again.

"A bird is like a dog with wings. You get attached to them just like you do with a dog and the bird gets attached to you like a dog gets attached to you," added Sachs.

Sachs said he does plan on getting new birds.

Police added, "the illegal trade of stolen exotic pets are rare investigations for any local law enforcement agency. Of immediate concern is the proper care and environment for the birds. Proper and specific nourishment is important as is assuring the birds are not exposed to extreme cold."

Police said according to the Pet Health Network, "many birds and reptiles, in particular, need to be kept warm to remain healthy. Birds (especially larger parrots) can generally tolerate temperatures as low as the 50s, but once the thermometer drops below that, they may get fluffed up (expending all of their energy trying to trap warm air between their feathers and their bodies to keep warm) and stop eating. Pets burn extra calories trying to stay warm, so it is essential that they keep eating."

Anyone with any information is asked to call detectives at 203-946-6304. Calls may be made anonymously.

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