Firefighters help deliver baby outside of New London firehouse

From Left to Right: LT Hynek, Firefighter Fuller, Firefighter Nott, Firefighter Malinowsky, Firefighter Gentile Photo Credit: New London Fire

NEW LONDON — Firefighters helped deliver a baby outside of the firehouse Friday evening.

Firefighters said the father was driving the car while the mother was in labor in the passenger seat. The father pulled over the car believing that they were not going to get to the hospital in time. He was able to get the attention of the on-duty crew.

The firefighters responded and helped deliver a healthy baby boy right there in the front seat of the car. The whole incident happened around 8:09 p.m.

EMS transported the mother and child to the local hospital.

New London Firefighters tweeted later in the night, thanking the members at the fire department headquarters for their service.