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EXCLUSIVE: Man who posted video of ‘alleged abuse incident’ speaks to FOX 61

NEW LONDON -- Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the people in a cell phone video.

They are calling it "an alleged abuse incident."

The man who initially posted the video spoke exclusively with FOX 61.

It happened Wednesday morning at the parking lot outside of Shoprite. Isaac Vargas said he is hoping his video will help police find the woman caught on camera.

"Would you like somebody to slap you and push you around?" said Vargas of New London.

That is the question Vargas wants to ask the woman who was pictured in the video with her back turned.

The woman appears to be helping an elderly man into the back of a car. Suddenly, the two seem to be struggling as the woman's hands then end up on the man's head.

"If you see when she pushed him into the car, he was shaking! I mean, it was really bad. As soon as I saw it, I was like it has to go public," added Vargas.

Vargas' friend recorded the video and he posted it to Facebook where it has gotten thousands of shares.

Many viewers commented wanting to know why his friend did not jump in to help.

FOX 61 spoke to her off camera and she said the whole incident happened too fast.

"Everything happened so fast! What could you do in 56 seconds?"added Vargas.

Vargas' friend said she also saw the man and woman inside Shoprite as well before the incident.

"I got my father, I got my grandpa, I don’t want my family to be mistreated like that. So whoever that grandpa is or whoever that father is, I want justice to be served," added Vargas.

If you think you recognize the man or woman in the video, you are urged to contact New London Police immediately. You may also anonymously submit a tip using the 411 system by texting NLPDTip plus the information to Tip411(847411).

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