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Police: 1 adult, 4 minors arrested after stolen car chase

WESTPORT — Westport police say that a stolen car lead to a chase, then lead to a pursuit overnight.

Police say around 12:45 a.m., they were called to a report of a suspicious car. A person who lived on Bradley Street had seen the car driving slowly with their headlights off, and the people inside the car getting in and out of the vehicle.

Officers went to the area, and set up a perimeter.

Officers then found a black Audi traveling northbound toward Hillspoint Road with at least four people inside.

Police say after another officer began to follow behind the car, which they learned was stolen out of Easton, they had tried to stop the car in the area of Cross Highway.

The Audi, driven by 20-year-old Andrew Davis of Bridgeport, then drove off, evading police. A pursuit started onto the Merritt Parkway. northbound around exit 42.

When the pursuit came up on a construction zone, police say the leading officer hung back in the left lane, while the car kept going in the right lane (which was closed).

The car then struck another vehicle that was also on the highway, and continued north, switching between the right and left lanes through the construction zone.

The lead officer was then stuck behind traffic in the left lane, and she lost sight of the car, ending their pursuit.

Soon after Westport police called off the pursuit, they learned that the Audi had crashed in the area of exit 48-49. Trumbull police, Fairfield police, and State police were all on scene, and apprehended five suspects, four of which were minors.

They were all taken to Westport police headquarters, where they were charged:

The driver of the vehicle was 20-year-old Andre Davis of Bridgeport, CT. He was transported to Westport Police headquarters where he was charged with the following and held in lieu of $15,000.00 bond:
53-21 Risk of Injury to Child (4 Counts)
53a-122 Larceny 1st: Motor Vehicle Theft
53a-167a Interfering with an Officer: Non-Assaultive
53a-64 Reckless Endangerment 2nd
53a-48 Conspiracy to Commit (Larceny 1st)
14-222 Reckless Driving, 14-223(b) Disobeying the Signal of an Officer: Elude/Attempt Escape
14-36 Operating a Motor Vehicle Without a License

Davis was also found to have an outstanding warrant for Violation of Probation. He was charged accordingly and held on $10,000.00 court set bond for that charge. He will be transported to Norwalk Court for arraignment later this morning.

A 14-year-old female from Bridgeport was also arrested. She was issued a Juvenile Summons charging her with 53a-122 Larceny 1st and 53a-48 Conspiracy to Commit (Larceny 1st). There was an active Take Into Custody Order for the female and she was later taken to Bridgeport Juvenile Detention.

At the time of his arrest, the 14-year-old male suspect was found to be in possession of four key fobs, one of which belonged to the stolen vehicle he had just exited. He was also issued a Juvenile Summons at Westport headquarters, charging him with 53a-122 Larceny 1st and 53a-48 Conspiracy to Commit (Larceny 1st). He too, had an outstanding Take Into Custody Order and was transported to Bridgeport Juvenile Detention.

Officers learned the 13-year-old male suspect of was the brother of the 14-year-old male suspect. He was also issued a Juvenile Summons charging him 53a-122 Larceny 1st and 53a-48 Conspiracy to Commit (Larceny 1st) before being released to the custody of his mother. The brothers reside in Derby, CT.

A 15-year-old male suspect, also from Bridgeport, was transported to the Westport Police Department and issued a Juvenile Summons charging him with 53a-122 Larceny 1st and 53a-48 Conspiracy to Commit (Larceny 1st). He was also released to the custody of his mother.

Westport Police Chief Foti Koskinas expressed his outrage over these continuing incidents, “Unfortunately, the teens and young adults involved in these incidents never experience real consequences from the juvenile justice system. Meanwhile, they’re putting residents, other drivers, our officers and in this instance, construction workers at risk. Luckily, no one was hurt during this incident.

The teens involved in the pursuit last night had prior run-ins with law enforcement, which resulted in the orders to detain against them. Yet here they are, out and about in the middle of a week night knowing that all they will get is a slap on the wrist from the State of Connecticut. We are not doing Connecticut residents or these kids any favors by denying them consequences and real opportunities to reform. We need to work together to find a better solution before someone really gets hurt.”

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