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EXCLUSIVE: Hartford firefighters honored for their actions in the line of duty

HARTFORD -- Several Hartford Firefighters were honored Monday night for their actions in the line of duty. For the Hartford Fire Department, when they are not putting out fires, they are saving lives.

Chief Reginald Freeman of the Hartford Fire Department described an industrial accident from October 20, 2018, “There were two individuals trapped in an industrial machine. Upon our arrival one of the victims had actually freed themselves and fell approximately 30 feet. We treated that individual for her injuries. The second individual, his injuries were a little bit more serious, and his disposition more serious. He was actually stuck from the waist down in an industrial grinder.”

Freeman described the work of bringing a new life into the world.

“They received a call of a woman going into labor just after midnight," he said. " They arrived on scene just in the nick of time to deliver a beautiful healthy baby girl.”

All the men and women involved in the rescues were all given citations before the city council meeting, and they received a standing ovation.

“Every single day the men and women of the Hartford fire department, they work extremely hard," said Freeman. "So, for these members to be recognized for doing a job that they absolutely love to be at, as the Chief I am very proud of them.”

For first responders, the job is not ever about getting awards or citations, it’s about helping people.

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