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Wallingford School Board of Education won’t consolidate middle schools

WALLINGFORD -- Another week, another meeting with the Wallingford school board.

Members are trying to decide what to do with the town's schools. Declining enrollment coupled with outdated programs and aging school buildings are forcing school board members to make money saving decisions.

Six options ranging from leaving the schools as is to a combination of renovating or consolidating schools are on the table.

On Monday night, school board members decided to take two options off the table that would have consolidated the town's middle schools.

Sydney Carim, who is a senior at Sheehan is against the merging of schools. She said smaller schools have benefits.

"I've had classes as small as nine students and it just really proves to be beneficial as a student where you can kind of get that one-on-one almost like a tutor," she said.

Maureen Lynch, who is a junior, believes the merging would be a positive.

"They're going to update the building, make sure we have central air which we don't have right now and update all the programs," said Lynch.

Wallingford Superintendent Dr. Salvatore Menzo said the public will be involved throughout the process. He said a survey will be sent out to all parents and community members once the choices are narrowed down.

"Everybody will be allowed to participate in that survey that chooses to do so. Those results then go to the mayor and town council. The board of education because this requires funding does not have the right to make that final decision," said Dr. Menzo.

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