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Supreme Court: Stratford election to be settled by House after invalid ballots

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HARTFORD –The Connecticut Supreme Court has decided that the re-election of Rep. Phil Young, D-Stratford, has to go to the House due to improper ballots on election day.

Democratic state Rep. Phil Young narrowly defeated Republican challenger Jim Feehan, but the tally is in doubt because at least 76 voters were given the wrong ballots — ones for another House district.

“It’s a shame that mistakes were made but we need to ensure the integrity of our voting system and that’s what I’m going to work on in the future,” says Rep. Young.

House republicans aren’t backing down just yet. They plan to at least file a dispute in the capitol. Some leaders are even mulling over the idea of taking this dispute to federal court.

“If there were fraud involved it’s be a whole different discussion but it’s still the same problem. 76 people were not properly allowed to vote,” says Jim Feehan.

Republicans are seeking a new election. Democrats say the courts have no authority to decide elections and there is a legal procedure for election appeals to be decided by a House of Representatives committee of two Republicans and two Democrats.


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