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Travel for the holiday season at its peak, while rainstorms cause issues

WINDSOR LOCKS -- The peak holiday travel times are now. With Christmas falling early in the week, travelers hoping to get out and enjoy their extended weekend started Friday.

But worries over lines quickly turned into worries over weather.

It may be the first day of winter, but it's not a snowstorm troubling passengers. Rainstorms projected to bring downpours and 40 mile per hour wind gusts are enough to dampen your travel plans completely.

"I was afraid because of the wind and the rain today that it was gonna be a huge problem," says Simsbury resident, Sarah Williams, who flew out to Los Angeles.

Luckily, throughout the morning the flight departure and arrival boards mostly stayed green, with a few delays as the rain got heavier.
Those travelers on early morning flights took off without a hitch.

"Such a relief," says Veronica Douglas, who just finished her final exams at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and headed home to Chapel Hill, North Carolina early Friday morning. "I'm really excited to just go home and relax."

Whether it's home for the holidays or away to a sunnier, warmer destination, travelers packed the airport early, sending lines spiraling throughout the concourse.

"I'm not surprised. It's obviously the busiest travel day," says Susan Kalagher from Glastonbury, who was caught in a long TSA check-in line. "[I didn't] realize that when I made my reservations, but we're looking forward to getting away.

TSA warns passengers to get to the airport two to three hours early depending on where you're flying.
To mitigate lines, frequent holiday travelers say be ready for when it's your turn.

"Have all your product ready and don't try to carry liquids through TSA," says Windsor resident Mona Fisher.

Other tips:
- Leave any gifts you're taking with you unwrapped, so TSA can properly inspect them
- Don't leave those Christmas goodies at home! You can take any solid baked goods onto the plane with you.

Contact your airline to see if your connecting flights are delayed or cancelled because of the storm.

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