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One day left! Holiday shopping keeps getting busier

NEWINGTON -The day before Christmas Eve holiday shopping is at its busiest. At Stew Leonard’s in Newington, “it’s insane”, says Madison Casso from Berlin.

The day before Christmas Eve, shoppers braved the long lines Stew Leonard’s in Newington.

“We didn’t beat the crowd,” says Frank Stewart from Glastonbury.

No he didn't. In fact, no one did.

“We’ve never seen it this busy and we been coming here for years for our meat for Christmas Eve dinner,” says Sharon Anderson from Southington.

It’s busiest at the Butcher Shoppe where the line stretches all the way around the corner back to the bakery.

“We got here right at 8. It’s been crazy,” says Nicole Sinacori from Bristol. “The hustle and bustle has been really insane this weekend.”

With Christmas falling right in the beginning of the week, shoppers have the entire weekend to finish checking things off their Christmas lists.

“The extra long weekend gives you more time to spend more money,” says Filomena Fiore from Bristol.

Stores are opening earlier and staying open later, including Stew Leonards, who is selling more than 100,000 pounds of filet mignon on December 23 alone.
Stores everywhere were packed all day, and will be on Christmas Eve, too.

“It’s Christmas that’s okay,” says Jared Martillotti from Glastonbury. “Stews does a great job and we’re doing this for our family so it’s okay.”

For next year, a word from the young, but wise Casso: “They should come prepared”.

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