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EXCLUSIVE: Waterbury family has valuables stolen on Christmas Eve

WATERBURY -- Miata Priester and her 9 year old son always look forward to the holidays, but this year they are left looking for answers.

This Christmas Eve their valuables went missing from inside their Waterbury apartment.

“I was in shock.. and mad… and sad I felt bad for my mom,” says 9 year old Haylin Bellamy.

The family tells us their boiler broke down last week, leaving them without heat and hot water for several days.

On Christmas Eve, their superintendent and a worker came in to fix it. Priester says she went to go run errands, but noticed several things were gone when she returned. So she called the superintendent, and he said he had nothing to do with the missing items.

“ The TV as gone, the joysticks were gone, the games everything. I continued to look around the house and see if anything else was gone,” says Miata Priester.

“We started looking around and I said mom do you have your Galaxy watch…and we started looking for it and that’s when we knew they took her Galaxy watch too,” says Bellamy.

“My boyfriend collects coins and that was gone,” says Priester.

Priester filed a report with the Waterbury Police Department. Police tell FOX 61 say they are looking into the matter.

Priester hopes that surveillance cameras in her neighborhood can help find who the suspect is.

“We have a deli down the block, but it’s closed for the holidays. And we have to wait and see if there is any footage that does point in our block and if there was any activity t pointing in our building,” says Priester.

The family is now just hoping for a Christmas miracle, and that someone will find it in their heart to come forward and return their belongings.

Miata tells FOX 61 she has good neighbors in her complex, and they’ve let her, and her son borrow a TV while they recover their belongings.

This still remains an active investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Waterbury Police.

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