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Car stolen from Waterbury driveway on Christmas day

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WATERBURY – A woman watched someone steal her car in Waterbury on Christmas Day.

Charles Noe of Danbury celebrated Christmas with his girlfriend and her relatives in Waterbury. When it was time to leave the party, Noe went outside to start his girlfriend’s car, a 2008 red Suzuki Reno. He said he turned around to say goodbye and only seconds passed by before he turned back around and watched someone drive the car down the driveway.

“We were stunned,” said Noe. “We didn’t know what to do.”

Noe called the Waterbury Police Department and said officers arrived three hours later. A spokesperson for the department did not respond to numerous requests for comment on Wednesday.

The car was found totaled on Boyden Street, about a mile and a half from where it was taken.

The car sat at Town Plot Auto Body in Waterbury on Wednesday, damage apparent to the driver’s side door and front of the car.

“I can’t imagine this person is walking too well, seeing the damage to the car,” said Noe. “The guy must have been on the hill behind me or behind a fence or something and he got in the car and just took right off.”

Noe said he wants police officers to find the person responsible.

“This is not something you would expect to happen on Christmas Day,” he added.

When we last heard from the Waterbury Police Department, officers said they had not made any arrests and had not named any suspects.

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