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FOX61 Student News: Students in Madison work to help Uganda

Story by Ryan Pellatt and Jack Green/Daniel Hand High School

Hakuna matata means no worries, but for children in the country of Uganda, some of the most simple things that we take for granted everyday such as school, and even clean drinking water ARE enormous problems. Students and teachers at Daniel Hand are helping these children’s worries go away.

The Uganda club is an organization at Daniel Hand High School that helps raise money for schools, wells, and many other important necessities for the people of Uganda. Martha Hoffman as president and founder of Call to care Uganda has help raise thousands of dollars over the years.

Call to care Uganda, been able to drill 51 wells throughout their History. Helping 1000 people per well. The Daniel Hand Uganda club has been able to raise nine thousand dollars to build an entire water well.

During the year events such as bake sales and shoe drives are hosted by the Uganda club. But one the most prominent events hosted is Songs for Uganda. The main appearance in this event is the Africans children's choir. They travel all around the world performing and every few years they stop in Connecticut to put on a show for the people of Madison.

The event went well but the work is far from done as these organizations continue to put others before themselves, water and education will flow more readily to people in need. To find out how you can help visit CALLTO CARE UGANDA.org.

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