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Dear Lawmakers: What issues do you want lawmakers & the governor to tackle in 2019?

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HARTFORD -- Sometimes it feels like we shout about the issues in our town, in our state, until we're blue in the face. It's also hard to sometimes get the ear of your elected representative, the governor, or a mayor.

'Dear Lawmakers' is a way to help contact those who govern in this state.  FOX61 will be asking lawmakers about your issues you think are impacting Connecticut and the people in your community.

All you have to do is send an email to share61@fox61.com, or tweet at us @fox61news with this format:

Dear Lawmakers, do something about ____________. 

Sincerely, [your name] from [your town]

Here are some that have already been sent to FOX61:


Dear Lawmakers,

Please reduce all taxes to seniors on fixed income! – James

Dear Lawmakers,

We need to become a tax friendly state for retirees. Many people are considering moving or have already moved from the state for this reason.  (Including me)

Sandy in Southbury

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about;

Today, Connecticut is 46th in economic growth, 46th in road quality, 47th in state-pension funding, 47th in population growth, 50th in personal income growth since 2007, since 1992 50th in employment growth. CT has 80 people a day leaving, 80% making $200k+, the rich heading for lower tax states. Since 2012-2016 we lost $8 Billion in taxable incomes, shifting that cost to the middle class. CT taxes are #1 highest last 3 years, per Hartford Courant “Once again, Connecticut taxpayers worked longer last year to pay their taxes than Americans in the other 49 states, according to a report released this week.”

Dear Lawmakers,

Why is eliminating the state income tax on social security never talked about.This is one of the reasons so many seniors are moving to tax friendly states.

Sincerely, John Rudolph, Berlin

Dear Lawmakers ,

Do something about taxes homelessness and poverty !

Sincerely, Kate from Storrs

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about our high taxes. Many retirees on fixed incomes struggle to stay in their homes due to the ever increasing tax rate.

Barbara from South Windsor

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about taxes for retirees. There is a need to quickly match our neighbor Massachusetts and Florida to avoid retirees leaving Connecticut.

Sincerely, Loren Kiefer, Harwinton

Dear Lawmakers,

Electric vehicles getting a free ride on CT roads and not paying road tax (gas taxes).  EVs have gotten a free ride long enough.

Robert WalterDo something about the unbearable daily traffic in Fairfield County.  3 lanes on 95 is simply not enough for the volume.  It makes for a terrible quality of life and much wasted time for commuters.

Janet Nicolini of Madison

Dear Lawmakers,

Summary: If you are taxing the most, yet fail to support a healthy living/business climate, you spend to much. The obvious solution is cutting Spending - Will YOU cut spending?

John Adie, Southington

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about Property Tax's...I can't afford to live in this State anymore.

We're hard working people, and we can't keep our heads above water. Very discouraged about trying to make a living here in this State.

Sincerely, Ramona Duval, Meriden.

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about "REGAN-NOMICS."

It's a shame that retires cannot collect the full benefits that they earned.

Thank You

Tony Genova, Waterbury

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the incredibly high Property Tax’s we pay in Meriden, and this entire State.

We can’t afford to live here anymore, because our Mortgage keeps going up and up due to an increase in Tax’s.

As a hard-working couple of two, we have to decide between eating, or being short on our Mortgage ...something’s wrong with the whole picture here.

Ramona Duval

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about: Reducing taxes!

William Griswold, Middletown

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about the 39% income tax on sales commission income in CT. Thanks for considering!

Marie Wolferseder, Litchfield

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about:

Writing new laws which cost the tax payers more money.

Do you know how much more money in taxes the CT taxpayers have to pay this yrar for the new laws going into effect this year?  The CONNEXIT is getting bigger.

What's for this year - higher health insurance costs, tolls, more car taxes, legalized drugs, (prostitution?), higher professional fees ...


Pierre Dufilie, Vernon

Dear Lawmakers,

My name is Kathryn Aldrich. I saw on your website that you’ll share our concerns with state lawmakers later this month. My concerns are the high cost of living here and taxes. What are they going to do to bring about relief for a person making above minimum wage, but finding it hard to make ends meet here? What are they going to do to ensure that everyone in the middle class gets help? Also, can you let me know when this episode airs? I’d really like to watch it.

Thank you,

Kathryn Aldrich

Dear Lawmakers,

I would like to see a law passed where the TOWNS have to provide an ITEMIZED PROPERTY TAX bill.  I had gone to my assessor’s office this past year looking for ways to reduce my property taxes.  They had combined two items into the same assessment (a deck; and a gazebo I had bought to use as a bird feeder because the squirrels were knocking over all my feeders).  I did not even know a gazebo was taxable so I asked for a list of what was taxable and they said there was no list, it is just "all personal property".  I said, well then that must include clothing? Furniture?  They just stared at me.  I asked what was the the assessment amount for the gazebo and the chief assessor came out of his office (he was evidently listening to me talking to the assistant assessor in the outer office) and told me to leave the office. I went  directly to the first selectman to ask why I was being thrown out of the assessors office (I had not raised my voice or said anything rude). I was told by the first selectman to go back to the office on Thursdays when the chief assessor wasn’t there.  I feel that these people are “abusing their power” and should be held accountable to show details on how the property taxes are derived/computed so people can decide to remove things they are taxed on that they do not need. When I attended an assessment board of appeals to try to get more information the rep from the assessors office sat there slowly shaking her head “no” in evident disgust as I talked to the members of the board.  I was told that “by law” they did not have to provide any of the information I was asking for.  I do not believe I was being unreasonable with my questions, they just seem to think they are all above reproach.  As a result of my appearance at the board of appeals, I was told that the assessor would be coming to my house to look through my entire house!  I said that was fine if I could ask questions of them.  They said they did not have to answer questions. I dropped my inquiry to the board of appeals. I have heard that in the past when people inquired about their tax bill that the assessor ended up raising their taxes.  I suspected their inspection of my house was so they could find an excuse to raise my taxes for daring to ask for information as to how they were calculated.

Abuse of power by the tax collectors should not be able to happen.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about your ridiculous spending and repressive taxes.

(Though I have no delusions that you will)

Gregory Sparzo, West Hartford

Dear Lawmakers,

If tolls are being considered, there should be a reassessment of motor vehicle registration in State.

Many SUVs, Suburbans and extra cab trucks are riding on truck chases and should be classified as a commercial vehicle and should be charged a higher rate for Registration that a regular passenger vehicle.

Toll rates should reflect this also.


Grace, Northford

Dear Lawmakers,

To begin, I agree with everyone’s requests. There are a lot of issues to be addressed and something needs to be done now and not just talked about. We need action. I cannot afford to live in these Connecticut conditions. Cost of living is above and beyond among everything else. Please fix the roads as my car is screaming help after going over the same rotted roads for a number of years and nothing is being done. We are losing people and businesses out of the state. Who out there does not have the eyes and the ears???  Fed up and I am planning to move out of Connecticut along with many others. There are no changes we are only getting deeper who out there doesn’t have any common sense as to what is going on???   Utility bills and everything else around it keeps increasing with all these extra taxes adding and this and that for our cost is far and beyond what it should be. Once and for all is anyone out there going to listen to any of us.???     Diana from Hartford

Dear Lawmakers, 

Please do something about exorbitant property taxes in the town of Woodbridge CT.

Ana C. Brown


Dear Lawmakers,

Please try to eliminate or severely reduce section 8 housing. The 2nd and 3rd generations born into the system is to much of a burden for Connecticut tax payers. Send them to another state. Yes it sounds mean and ignorant, but something needs to change.

Possibly the better choice could better be to cut pay, reduce and restructure Connecticut's governmenal organizations. Lawmakers please make your resume' transparent along with finantial records, equal health care, taxes and a statewide equal retirement plan.

Regardless, the equality gap of Connecticut needs to be brought much closer together. The working middle class residents of Connecticut can no longer carry the burden.

Chris from Putnam

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the amount of paper, stamps & envelopes being sent to recipients receiving assistance from Department of Social Services, the amount is massive! I work for a non-profit organization and receive mail for our clients, I get up to three sets of mail with the same information for  one person at a time, and I have 30 clients. I’m sure we can save funds just by doing something about this.

Sincerely, Carmen from New Britain

Dear Lawmakers,

I'd like to know what is being done about housing for the elderly and seniors in our community?   I am a senior and I tried to apply for senior housing in West Haven and the surrounding areas only to find that all list have been closed and that they are not accepting any new applications for seniors or the disabled.  Where are the seniors who put all their time and hard work into paying taxes in this state for most of their lives supposed to go when they no longer can afford to live in their own home anymore? Have these lists been purged to see if many on the list are still seeking senior housing?  It's a slap in the face to our seniors and sends a message that you don't matter anymore because you are growing old.  Why do you think there are so many people living on the streets.  Vets included.  Which is a huge slap in the face for them.  We needed them to defend our country, but when they come home and need help finding a place to live they are faced with a shut door.  Also, why has senior housing turned into low-income housing putting the risk of our seniors living with younger people in low-income housing?  We need housing that is strictly for the elderly, not LOW-INCOME HOUSING!!!  Also, these complexes that are going up around the state called 55+ active adult communities are expensive to try to get into. I tried getting into one in North Haven and the rent per month was $900.00  Are you kidding me??  I only get social security once a month and a small pension. How is anyone supposed to survive on that?  Something has to be done about housing for seniors active or not.  It has been frustrating to find a place to live in this state for me.  Now I know why many seniors move south when they retire.  Connecticut offers nothing for seniors.  I also got in contact with Senator Richard Blumenthal about the problem and he responded with some links for me to get in contact with.  Funny he sent me to the same places that I already checked out, where the housing authorities in the area are not accepting new applications for the senior/elderly or disabled.

If nothing is done about this problem many more people will be leaving the state for other states that they can afford to live in.  I for one have been thinking about going to another state where they don't tax your social security earnings.  That is an incentive by itself.  Why does the state need to tax social security?  The lawmakers of this state should be ashamed of themselves for the way the senior/elderly get treated when all they are looking for is safe, decent and inexpensive housing to spend the rest of their lives.  You want to bring more people into the country and you can't even afford to take care of the people who were born here, lived and fought for the country.

Sincerely, Joann from West Haven.

Dear Lawmakers,

It would be nice if you could please do something about the high cost of car insurance. I am a single parent with two girls who are driving. When I put my second car on the insurance and added my first new driver, who was 19, my insurance nearly doubled. Though I struggled to make the premium payment, I was ok with it. When I had to add my second new driver, it just about tripled. I struggled tremendously with a monthly payment of nearly $900. I eventually had to drop my second daughter from the policy. . With both my girls in college, one commutes and the other lives on campus, I am struggling to make monthly bill payments. Please consider this to be something worth looking into.

Thank you

Iris F.  from Meriden

Dear Lawmakers,

Please, please do something about welfare reform. It wasnt meant to be a generational way of life...there has to be checks & balances...limits need to be set. It is out of hand!


Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about your destructive policies. DON’T PUT TOLLS IN CT. CUT SPENDING. We don’t need to pay any more taxes. Maybe you should do something that will positively impact the economic environment here in the state for once.

Jason from Tolland

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about Fiscal Responsibility!!!

The majority of friends and family are leaving the Beautiful State of Connecticut because of extremely high taxes, hidden fees, and other costs to cover your Reckless spending and progressive agenda!!!

Cut Spending and eliminate waste and LOWER Taxes!!!

Give friends, families and companies reasons to remain or return to the Beautiful State of Connecticut!

Sincerely, Paul from Cheshire

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about State work pensions that are drowning our state debt.  Overtime work should not be counted into how much they get but on their salary of a 40 hour work week.


Stephen, Rocky Hill

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about the unethical state budget sweeping of funding designated for Public Access TV Stations in CT to broadcast uncensored Town Council Proceedings, Board of Education Meetings and public opinion programming which promote civic engagement and support freedom of speech!


Gil Martinez, Hartford

Dear Lawmakers,

Stop sweeping money into the General Fund that has been collected from cable tv subscribers in compliance with Connecticut General Statute Section 16-331cc "Public, educational and governmental programming and education technology investment account". This money is collected to fund capital expenditures for Public, Education and Government cable tv in order to enable the cablecasting of uncensored town hall proceedings, Board of Education meetings, and diverse public opinion programming which all promote civic engagement and support freedom of speech.


Michael J. Meinz, East Lyme

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the deplorable fiscal condition the state budget is in.

Judith King, Farmington

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about increasing the minimum wage and rights and protection for workers.

Sincerely, Alyss from Shelton

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about Cutting spending on things like Ribbon Cuttings and put more money into Food Stamps and expanding that to allow diapers and formula instead of soda.

Thanks, Danielle from Milford

Dear Lawmakers

Please do something about the spending problem in CT. We don’t have an income problem we have a spending problem. Teenager = State of CT. Father = Ct citizens. Teenager says Daddy, daddy can I have money for a new cell phone, new shoes, money for the movies and gas for the car? Father says your cell phone works fine, your shoes aren’t worn out, watch a Netflix movie, now you don’t need gas money.  Myself says see I just saved 10 billion dollars. State please follow the previous example.

Sincerely, Roy Badstuebner, Manchester


Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about illegal immigrants in our state.

Sincerely,  Tara Pontelandolfo  from Waterbury

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the way juvenile offenders are punished. They are able to commit multiple crimes and only get probation because the judicial system claims they rehabilitate them. Perhaps if we impose stricter laws and punishments they would not be habitual offenders.

Sincerely, Janet from East Hartford

Dear Lawmakers,

Make stricter laws for juvenile offenders. – Mike

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about ___State and government assistance Services______I know 3-5 people scamming our state services I have turned them in 4+ times over the last couple of years. And nothing has been done for 1 person they just purchased a business and bought a new car paid cash 40k still getting services from state.Our state need to tighten up on fraud will save a lot of money.I think State And government services should have access to Motor Vehicle records as well as court records a lot of these people I know  have lawsuits and hide monies in other names bank accounts

Sincerely Mike Anderson, Vernon

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about corporate bullying.   I am dealing with it from a large grocery retailer in this state trying to terminate me over a health issue and freedom of speech.   Employed since 1995.


Frank Civitello

Dear Lawmakers,

please do something about domestic violence loopholes from state to state. I am an ex wife of a service member who was charged in the rape of my then 3 year old daughter as well as myself. due to different stations and me living in a different state and the federal prison being again in a different state I was unable to get a restraining order due to time limits and procedures in having a federal inmate served. I tried multiple times and attempted contacting multiple government officials who told me they could not help. I have 100s of letters including threats to take my life and kidnap our children which I turned over to the military CID agents. he was released from prison with just a no contact order by the military how does this protect me and my children? My daughter and i both have severe PTSD from this and i am disabled due to it but yet lawmakers give me the cold shoulder. I can not even get help from court victim advocates due to state to state limits......PLEASE do something about this.

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about teenage criminals! Car theft is  grand theft larceny and our state officials need to change the laws and start prosecuting underage criminals so they can learn there is a consequence. A slap on the wrist and these kids are out there making the same mistakes again and again. They are hurting people, killing people, putting our police in extreme danger and taxpaying citizens are paying the price.

Sincerely, Jack, Wethersfield

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about Connecticut being the only New England State that pays at minimum $10 less per hour for Special Public Defender Investigation rates, than any of our neighboring states. This hampers investigation companies from hiring and retaining good quality investigators that help the criminal justice system.

Erik Eichler


Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the lenient sentences that drug dealers are getting. They are killing and ruining so many lives.


Sharen  Avery, Prospect

Dear Lawmakers,

What can be done about this:

What can be done about our youth that is being put in detention or jail for crimes that they commit due to their disability? We as a society need to step up and get trained properly on this topic. You have 12 yr old children killing and shooting and committing a lot of crimes. I believe that if we as a community get properly trained by professionals we can better assist these children and prevent these crimes from being committed. The signs are there but we have to train the parents and the community on the symptoms of mental health in order for us to help our youth!

Thank you

Daisy Olivo, Middletown

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about all the Welfare fraud going on in this state.


Fairfield CT


Dear Lawmakers,

I'm retired From the state of ct d e e p I have suggested for years  to The department of environmental protection to have the low crime prisoners pick up trash plastic and bottles etc. off the Riverbanks and boating areas they are getting food Medical and housing, benifits so let them work in an outdoor environment under supervision and it will save the state money by not using state workers and give them incentive to do good for the community

Bob Plawecki, New Hartford

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the amount of liter on the ground in the state,

Isaiah, Waterford

Dear Lawmakers,

As you know Connecticut is one of the original 13 colonies.  As we approach the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, we want to see as many of our 18th century homes and structures preserved for future generations.  Be mindful that our rail lines go through some of the most historic shoreline towns and historic districts in our state.  Please do not compromise these districts for faster rail service.  Slow but steady should be Connecticut's motto-not fast and futuristic.  Thank you.

Timothy Chaucer,  Milford Preservation Trust Board member

I want lawmakers to :

Campaign against littering including  cigarette butts thus providing cigarette butt receptacles   . " No Ands Ifs Or Butts About It !!! "

Meaghan Linn Grasso, Groton


Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about term limits NOW

Pam Bonner, Sherman

Dear Lawmakers,

There should be a law to stop these ANNOYING CALLS especially on cell phones !! while driving iit could cause an accident just by looking to see who's calling

Bob Plawecki, New Hartford

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about;  State ID options other than a Driver’s license for CT residents living out of state for school or work.

I live in NJ & CT, but work in New Jersey.  My job requires a NJ ID, thus, I had to give up my CT ID credentials.

I own a home in CT, pay city and taxes in CT, have my bank account in CT, but when I produce my driver’s license for ID purposes when required, it’s an out of state ID.

As a dual resident (NJ/CT), I would like an option, but DMV wants me to give up my NJ License for a State ID (non-driver’s ID).

I am sure other people would like options too, at least the ability to get a State non-driver ID from DMV.


Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about abolishing the Electoral College.

Heidi, Seymour

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the Tesla Bill (House Bill No. 7097). Passing this bill, which has failed to pass, would enable Tesla Motors to sell their cars in Connecticut. Tesla is the more American than any other car company. 100% of their vehicles are manufactured in the United States. It is astonishing this company, which is single-handedly attempting to spark the advent of electric vehicles for the betterment of the world can't sell their product to people in Connecticut. This forces residents to go to states like Massachusetts to purchase these vehicles, hindering sales due to lack of convenience.

Justin Risley, Cromwell

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about Eversource and cable companies charging so much due to high demand and dependability. People are going into debt trying to pay their light and gas bill which are necessary. Internet is becoming a necessity as well. They’re capitalizing on this and it’s ridiculous

Jessica, Manchester

Dear Lawmakers,

I would like to see something done about the bright LED headlights on the newer cars.

I live in Avon and travel on Rt 44 frequently. On a rainy night I cannot see any lines on the road because of the glare from the LED headlights on the wet road. I cannot see any of the lane markings on the on the road and don't where I am on the road. I don't know what lane I am in and can't see the center line on the road.

This is a very dangerous situation. My wife has the same issue as do many of the Healthtrax members she talks to, but no one knows what to do about it.. A friend of mine doesn't travel on Rt 44 at night for that same reason, and I try to avoid Rt 44 as much as possible on a rainy night.

I have an older car with the older incandescent headlights. I have driven on Rt 44 at night with my bright lights on and nobody seems to notice. The normal LED headlights are brighter than my brights. Something needs to be done about the LED headlights.

John Hill

Dear Lawmakers,

Please look into a State street at a very troublesome construction site that has been going on for over FIVE YEARS. This is East Center Street on a proposed bridge where the traffic has been diverted off to one side and much construction mess and equipment has been in place for this long term. Nothing has been done during this time. There are gas stations and retail businesses, in addition to residential properties that are suffering from this mess.  We all would appreciate your help in seeing that this becomes completed in the near future.  Thank you.

Judy Barberino

Dear Lawmakers,

Dear law makers please do something about these ridiculous gun laws in our state. All your doing is punishing law abiding gun owners. Criminals will always break the laws, that's why they are criminals.   Signed Jimmie, from Manchester

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about The underused HOV lanes. Either eliminate them or place barriers so vehicles can't jump on whenever there is a slowdown in the regular lane. Or designate them as trucking only lanes. They are jokingly called Hardly One Vehicle Lanes.

Irene Percoski, Enfield

Dear Lawmakers,

Limit the term law makers can serve.  This will eliminate career politicians.  Decisions would most likely be made in the best interests of the people who elected them instead of in best interests of the politician's career or party.

This can be grandfathered in so that those currently in office can serve as long as they get elected but all future politicians elected into office would have limited terms.

Steve Skolnick, Simsbury

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about these ridiculous gun laws in our state. All your doing is punishing law abiding gun owners. Criminals will always break the laws, that's why they are criminals.

Signed Jimmie,Manchester

Dear Lawmakers,

I think you should have more programs for the homeless people in Connecticut. My name is January Vasquez and I'm from Hartford CT.

Dear Lawmakers,

Could you please build the wall to protect our borders. We are drowning in illegal aliens. We need to help Our own. Homeless veterans, homeless families and children first.

Diane Bergman, Stafford Springs

Dear Lawmakers,

do something for all lower auto insurance rates.

Fred, Windsor Locks

Dear Lawmakers,

Please allow independent voters the right to vote in primaries such as some other states do.

Make cuts to the budget. REDUCE spending.

Mary Jean

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about allowing liquor sales at grocery stores on holidays example thanksgiving christmas new years memorial day etc. this is allowed in most other states I was so happy they expanded to sunday sales after years and years of waiting but its time to expand this to the holidays.

Sincerely, [marc] from [bristol ]

Dear Lawmakers,

In 2019, you will have to learn about and consider a huge number of issues, for which you have my sympathy. I’ll name only two, which I seldom see mentioned.

(1) The 2-year term for Connecticut’s legislators is too short. It undermines the process every other year by shortening the session and diverting energy to the upcoming elections. It should be changed to a 4-year term, perhaps with every-other-year elections that involve half of the legislative districts.

(2) Connecticut is overdue to pass a medical aid in dying law. All the evidence supports its value and the absence of problems, and most CT residents want this to be an available option. It is the right of any mentally capable person who is facing death due to a terminal illness to exercise some measure of control over the manner of his or her death.

Thanks for your consideration.
Stanley Greenberg
Manchester, CT

Dear Lawmakers,
Please do something about protecting domestic workers basic work place rights.
Barbara Carpenter
West Hartford


Dear Lawmakers,

If, or when, considering legalizing recreational marijuana be sure to include a workable definition of impairment in support of highway, workplace & public safety as exists for alcohol consumption

Dear Lawmakers,

Please DO NOT legalize recreational marijuana. Thank you

Gracie, New Milford

Dear Lawmakers,

Please amend PA 12-55 to allow medical cannabis patients the right to home grow. it is a medical necessity that some patients need in rock cannabis is not available in any dispensary in this state.

Sincerely, Norman Plude

Dear Lawmakers,

We need to legalize marijuana. Massachusetts is benefitting from the revenues, we could too without costing us more money by adding tolls. No brainer.....smh!

Mike DiGioia Jr.

Dear Lawmakers,

You got to legalize it!!

Joe from Sprague

Dear Lawmakers,

Legalize recreational marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut. We are loosing Tax revenue to Massachusetts.

Edward from Newington, Connecticut


Dear Lawmakers,

Do something for the schools, add more after school programs for all ages to help keep them out of trouble.  It will keep them active and off the streets.

Christin Rivera, New Britain

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something for the schools, add more after school programs for all ages to help keep them out of trouble. It will keep them active and off the streets.
Christin Rivera. New Britain


Dear Lawmakers,

I think something need to be done to help out seniors with medical concerns!  Until the age of 26 parents can keep their children covered on their medical insurance.... well why not reverse the terms and when parents are depending on Medicare for their needs, and are not able to get the help they need to cover their costs. Why can’t parents be covered under their children’s insurance.

Nancy, Griswold

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about maternity leave in our state! 6 paid weeks off for most teachers is not sufficient. Many women have more accrued time they could potentially use but cannot use it past 6 (or 8) weeks.

Sincerely, Fallon from Wallingford

Dear Lawmakers,

When insulin is so expensive that it is less expensive to pay the hundreds of dollars out of pocket then to run it through the insurance, it is pathetic. It is a life saving medication- who can legislate help w/ this ?

Gary Corcoran

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about the mental health care issues of our youth. My son has been in the hospital since December 2nd. The staff was amazing yet there are not enough rooms and resoirces for them. I watched kids lined up in the halls in beds and chairs. The waiting lists are so long and usually something tragic will happen before people can get help. Please help.


Dear Lawmakers,

Don't pass anymore laws that go unenforced. Matter of fact don't make anymore... stay out of my life. You are killing this state with you foolish laws.

David from Lebanon

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about gun control and school shootings, we don’t feel safe at school.

Sincerely, Sophie from Madison

Dear Lawmakers,

Legalize recreational marijuana!

Legalize casinos

Legalize consumer fireworks

Tax all of them and get us out of debt,lower taxes,creating jobs.

Ken from Hamden

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the disgraceful way our CT lawmakers talk about the President of the United States.  The people voted this man in with his policies and his promises for change and the people want him to have a chance to change politics as usual. Let the President build this wall!  People have home security systems and fences around their properties for what?  Protection! Lawmakers:  build this wall to protect all USA citizens from people who want to harm us or that want to live here illegally.  This issue should be voted on by the citizens of the USA who voted a president in because of this promise and you would see how fast this would pass!

Nana from Manchester

Dear Lawmakers, 

Please do something about out sidewalks me and my son is in wheelchairs and get stuck in broken sidewalks.

Thank you.

Samantha Hartford

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the rest areas in Connecticut. Please reopen them with normal hours.

Sincerely, Mike Iwanicki

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something about the daily barrage of annoying telemarketer calls.

Randy from Hamden

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the astronomically High Cost of Living you have created for us and do something about the astronomically High tax that you've shoved down our throat in this state, do something to stop the massive out-migration that's happening right now because of the policies you created

Greg from Tolland

Dear Lawmakers

Please do something about these annoying and intrusive robo-calls to our phones. We like many others receive half a dozen a day and they never stop. Taken in total nationwide the load on the phone infrastructure must be staggering. The phone companies have to pass the cost on to us the consumer.


Tom C from Avon

Dear Lawmakers:

Do something about --

Taxes. High taxes in this state are driving many people away. Especially those close to retirement. Many just cannot afford to live here.

Spending. Need to be fiscally more responsible. As in many households spend what you can afford.

Which brings up state employee pensions. Completely restructure pensions for all state employees. It is just costing the tax payers to much.

Keep those who commit serious felonies in jail. No second chance. I read many instances in the news where many repeated offenders are out of jail committing the same serious offenses. This is endangering innocent lives. Ask any Police officer.

Sincerely, Gisele Perkins  From: Wolcott

Dear Lawmakers,

Post what the Politicians both federal and state are doing to make Connecticut great again! So far all that they do is grab coat tails and talk in circles. At the federal level what bills/laws have the CT Reps put on the table? State level "Tolls" we had them in the past. When these elected people meet in the rooms with their computers and a bottle of water what are the results? In the real world employees are held accountable for what they are paid for.

Thank You

Walt G. from Meriden

Dear Lawmakers,

While I sympathize with the devastation in Porto Rico, I would like to know who is helping to support all of the people that came here from Porto Rico. While standing in line at the grocery store,  it is obvious that many are using state funds/tax payer dollars to pay for groceries, at the very minimum.  Overall, I would like to know what exactly has been done with regard to welfare reform in this state, since I don't see many changes. Did anyone implement a plan when so many Hispanics migrated to Connecticut? I would certainly like to see this done since it has become an ongoing issue with no end in sight.

Diane Chace from New Britain

Dear Lawmakers,

Please remember you represent all the individuals of your district, not just the members of the party you belong to.  Also please remember cities are not the only places in our state.  Small communities deserve the same attention as our cities. And lastly, revamp the social system and review how it is working, and not working ie  unemployment, food stamps etc.

Diane Tanner

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about working as adults with our president instead of disagreeing with everything he says or does. Please act like adults, our children are watching!

Sincerely, Stephanie from Seymour

Dear Lawmakers,

Please do something amount telemarketing robo-calls that are using personal/private phone numbers as the Caller ID number.  For example,  when I receive a robo call and look at the caller ID, it displays a phone number that is not from the telemarketing company.  I call the phone number back and the person or business that answers is not the telemarketing company and are unaware that their phone number was used.

Telemarketing companies should also be blocked from calling cell phones without the users consent.


Carl Veilleux from Enfield

Dear Lawmakers,

Do something about the fact that veterans must pay $40.00 to get a veterans license plate for their vehicles. Have we not sacrificed enough for this state?  Veteran license plates should cost the same as a regular registration.

Frank Englehart  from Colchester

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