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Despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she’s still on the move

HARTFORD – Despite her disability, 41-year-old Marisa Boasa is staying on course as part of her therapy.

Though Boasa, a client delivery manager from Ellington, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in August, she still runs about six days a week.

“It was always a priority for me to stay fit,” Boasa said.

Her grassroots initiative, Fight for Mobility, is designed to inspire others with afflictions to get out and stay fit.

“No matter what battle you are going through you can overcome it, you can be mobile and you can push through,” Boasa added.

Working with a team of doctors at Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital’s Mandell Center for Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroscience Research, Boasa set a goal to run in the Richmond Marathon next fall. She hopes she'll do well enough in that race to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2020 in the Challenged Athletes Division.

“I’m going to keep fighting,” she said, “and I’m going to help others win their battles as well.”

To find out more about Marisa’s cause, see here.

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