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HARTFORD --  On Wednesday, at the State Armory in Hartford, Governor-elect Ned Lamont will take the oath of office then have a short inaugural parade where he would deliver his first state of the state address.

It's a day of celebration in and around the state capitol, but a lot of work for those charged with keeping everyone safe.

Major Mike Petersen, Director of Communications for the CT National Guard is working to ensure everyone is protected.

"We are incredibly proud to host the inauguration of governor-elect Lamont here at the State Armory in Hartford," said Petersen. It’s something that we’ve done multiple times over the years, and obviously Security is always one of the biggest concerns. You have to worry about at events like this, when you have the public coming as well as elected officials. It’s something that we take very seriously, and we are stepping up our game to make sure we are keeping everybody safe and secure."

Many law enforcement agencies will be coordinating their efforts to provide a safe environment. The Connecticut State Police, the State Capitol Police and the Hartford Police Department and HPD C4 will all be working closely with the CT National Guard.

Petersen said they are all on the same page.

"We are working with our local, state and federal partners, making sure that we are communicating as well as ensuring the safety of everybody who’s going to be inside the armory on the day of the inauguration."

Parking is limited around the armory, and the parade will lightly effect traffic for a brief time Wednesday afternoon – mainly on Capitol avenue.

Major Petersen has some advice for attendees:

"Traffic is going to be a concern and there are going to be Road closures, so we recommend that people plan their route accordingly, and if they are planning on attending the inauguration, we wholeheartedly suggest that they show up early because everyone who comes into the building will whether it’s people attending or media, everyone is going to be scanned, going through scanning and security procedure."

Attendees can expect to be scanned by metal detectors and all bags will be examined. Security will be similar to walking into the L.O.B. or like a typical courthouse. There will be a visible heavy police presence as well. Dress warm, as lines may extend outside.

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