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Proud to Serve: Chesterfield woman making a difference at local fire department

In our Proud To Serve series highlighting local first responders we traveled to Chesterfield where one woman has been making a difference at their volunteer fire department for 27 years.

Sandy Truex is as humble as she is dedicated to service. She has been with the Chesterfield Volunteer Fire Department for nearly three decades, and in that time she has worn many hats, but as one of her colleagues, Tim Shanahan, President of the company, wrote in on Facebook, she is also a ‘hometown hero.’

“Jack of all trades,” said Sandy Truex. That is how she would describe herself. “Bit by the volunteer bug."

That is what has kept her at the Chesterfield Volunteer Fire Department for 27 years.

Volunteering has not only been a lifelong mission of hers, it has also become a family affair. Her husband is the chief of the department, and her kids are involved too.

“My son is the President of the fire company, and he’s also a lieutenant, and my daughter is an EMT,” said Truex.

Over the years Sandy has been the book keeper, organizer of fundraisers, she has spearheaded the department’s Santa run, toy drive, craft fairs, and all other efforts to raise funds for this volunteer department.

"I love it, giving back to the community,” said Truex. “There’s a comradery here.”

She is also a certified firefighter!

“State certification doesn’t go away, so if I had to, in a pinch, I still could be a firefighter for the department,” said Truex.

All the while, she is also balancing a full-time job working for Pfizer.

“Well I like giving back to the community, and being part of the community is a big thing for me,” said Truex. “So I’m proud to be able to contribute.”

And this time of the year she is contributing a whole lot!

“This past week I feel like I’ve lived here,” said Truex. “So it’s not always easy but we do what we can.”

Truex says this is all what makes her who she is, and why she is proud to serve.

“There’s other people here that contribute more than I do,” said Truex. “Going into a burning building is a challenge for anybody, and I’m proud able to say that although I haven’t been in a burning building, I was initially trained to be able to do that, to help somebody.”

If your would like to contribute to any of the Chesterfield volunteer and fundraising efforts you can visit their website: http://www.chesterfieldfire-ct.org/

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