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Police: homeowner fires shot, ends reported home invasion

PLAINFIELD – Police in Plainfield are searching for two men reportedly scared off by an armed homeowner.

Police say that at approximately 2:00 a.m., they rceived a 911 call from a residence on Hope Road, reporting an active home invasion. The caller and homeowner said he was awoken by the sound of his front door being kicked in. He told police he grabbed his firearm to investigate, and was then met by a masked intruder who was also armed with a gun. The homeowner said when a second intruder exited from another room, he fired a shot, and the men fled.

The homeowner reported that he was not injured. Police believe the two masked intruders also were not injured. By 6 a.m. the police had cleared the scene and deemed it safe. Police continue to investigate; anyone with any information is asked to contact the Plainfield Police Department at 860-564-0804 or on their anonymous tip line at 860-564-7065.