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Drumming things up with the Gig Box

FAIRFIELD – Mark Pires is a real estate agent by day but by night he’s a musician and an inventor.

Pires, a husband and father of three, brainstormed what’s known as the Gig Box, an “omnitone drum” that Pires still makes in his basement. “The Gig Box is the first drum in the world you can play with your hands and feet,” Pires said. So far, one music store in New Canaan has signed on to stock their shelves with the Gig Box, other sales are online via Pires’s website.

The Gig Box, which looks like a small wooden flailed rectangle,  sort of resembling a  piece of furniture,  starts at about three hundred dollars.

Pires also noted there is more than just one application for the Gig Box, he thinks his invention can be used as a sensory therapy drum for the mentally challenged or those on the autism spectrum. “The fact that someone could find joy or relief from a Gig Box is what we are so excited about,” Pires said. To find out more about the Gig Box click https://www.gigboxstar.com/



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