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AAA responds to dozens of weather related issues

BRISTOL -- Brutal weather can be a danger for residents, but what about your car?

Vehicles are susceptible to a number of different concerns during freezing temperatures. According to AAA, the most common issue drivers suffer from during the cold is a dead car battery.

AAA received over 2,000 calls Monday and over 50 percent of the issues dealt with a dead battery.

The problem doesn’t just affect old vehicles, it can happen to a battery as new as six months, according to AAA Rescue Technician Jordan Grzybowski.

Grzybowski said motorists should be prepared for any emergency while on the road by carrying food and extra blankets to stay warm while waiting for help.

“It’s tough cause you don’t expect it to be this cold and how it’s dropped,” Grzybowski said.

Drivers should also leave home with a fully charged phone and a full tank of gas in case of an emergency.

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