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Group gathers to raise money in Meriden for MLK scholarship

MERIDEN --- People all across the country and here in our state took a moment to recognize and celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

Events around the state included a scholarship breakfast in Meriden where community members, city and state leaders gathered to raise money for an annual scholarship opportunity for students in the area.

“I believe in providing service for students that would like to go to college but need a little push and this is my way of helping them to get there,” founder and chairperson Rhudean Raye said.

Raye started the annual breakfast 34 years ago to do her part in helping others.

“Martin Luther King was all about bringing us together not just black and white but black, white, Hispanic, poor, rich, middle class that’s what this country has always been about,” Senator Chris Murphy said.

The annual scholarship breakfast is also in honor of Meriden civic leader Albert Owens who became the city’s first human rights director.

“Albert Owens was a member of Parker Memorial Ame Zion Church and that’s where the breakfast started in the beginning because he believe in helping students,” Raye said.

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