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Volunteers help spread the warmth at St. Francis Hospital

Some folks in need in Hartford are a little warmer  thanks in part to the annual coat drive at the Burgdorf Clinic, which is operated by Saint Francis Hospital.

People picked up warm clothing for adults and children on Wednesday, all of which was donated by hospital employees, and the Joan C. Dauber Food Bank at Saint Francis, which was the first hospital based food bank in the country.

The food bank, along with volunteer services organizes this event, which for some is an event that is especially helpful.

"I’m here almost every year," said Heron. "It’s a program that I think is awesome, even though I’m a working mother of four children, it’s still help and there’s a lot of people out here who really don’t have any coats, and they do need it so I think just to give back something in the community is good."

There are many ways to donate or volunteer with St. Francis Hospital, if you are interested go here:

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