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SOUTHINGTON - Heavy rain and strong wind gusts swept across the state Thursday afternoon and left nothing but flooded homes and businesses.

Darling Street had a "road closed" sign since it was flooded and several cars were seen turning around.

A neighbor FOX 61 spoke to said Darling Street gets flooded twice a year, but Thursday was one of the worst she has seen. However, the flooding is nothing of surprise. In fact, neighbors expect the water to go down in a day or two.

"The stream across the street doesn’t I would say probably doesn’t have the correct ... the correct drainage piping. It wasn’t ... I don’t know maybe they weren’t expecting it to have this kind of rainfall water drainage so they didn’t plan appropriately," said Sandy Darling of Southington.

Other cities like Waterbury were also affected - the owner of Reidville Used Autoparts sent FOX 61 pictures of his business flooded up to the door. The owner was out of state and was not able to talk on camera, but he said his inventory was ruined and lost money from the flood.

In Newington, B&D Automotive on Dowd Street was shut down for a period of time also because of flooding. The owner did not wish to go on camera, but allowed FOX 61 to step into his garage which had several wet spots and puddles.


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