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Lamont says marijuana legalization is one of his priorities


HARTFORD — Gov. Ned Lamont said it’s not his top priority, but the legalization of marijuana is on his list.

Lamont says his priorities now are jobs, innovation and an honestly balanced budget, but, with all of Connecticut’s neighbors legalizing marijuana, he said he would like to implement that in a very careful and regulated way.

“I want to make sure there are not a lot of black market people putting fentanyl and other things that are dangerous into this. So, I think we’re going to do it, but we’re going to do it carefully,” said Lamont.

He said the legislature will take the lead on that.

“But I think we should do it in this session. You know, look, Rhode Island is about to do it. Massachusetts has done it and why hand it over to the black market. That’s a lousy way to proceed.”

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