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Dangers of walking on frozen lakes

OLD LYME — Frozen lakes can attract people looking to ice skate or even do some ice fishing around this time of the year, but it can also be dangerous.

Over the weekend, a man died and another one was transported after falling through the ice in Old Lyme.

“It’s very common for people to come and get on this ice,” Tom Johnston said.

Police say 61-yea- old Lawrence Buhl and 59-year-old Harry Jewett were skating on the ice when it broke.

Guilford Fire Deputy Fire Marshal John Planas said if someone around you falls through the ice, try to find an object to help them hold on to something.

“Whether it’s a rope a ladder a long branch even jumper cable from a car they work,” Planas said.

If you are by yourself and fall through ice, the key is to keep moving.

“If you do have anything when you have ice picks which a lot people won’t have but use your nails grab on to the ice keep kicking and keep moving,” Planas said.

While Planas said they do not encourage going on the ice, your best bet is to check how thick the ice is by drilling a hole and measuring it and make sure it’s at least four inches thick.

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