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Gov. Lamont considers grocery, medication tax to help balance budget

HARTFORD -- Governor Ned Lamont pledged that he will work to end the state's budget deficit.

The Lamont administration is looking at one way to help the budget: tax groceries and medication.

Right now, the sales tax rate is 6.35%. The Lamont administration is researching the state's current sales tax, and exploring what options are available. It's not the first time a state has considered taxing groceries.

States like Alabama, Arkansas, and Illinois tax a certain percentage from groceries ranging anywhere from 1-5%.

A spokesperson for the Governor's budget office said in part:

"In order to build a better budget, one that will attempt to provide the much-needed stability for economic growth through the next two years and through the decade, we need to explore new and different options."

Lamont's first official budget proposal isn't due for another month.

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