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New London’s state pier to be hub for wind industry partnership

NEW LONDON — Offshore wind projects could soon be coming to Connecticut.

Wednesday, Governor Ned Lamont announced a partnership with the city of New London, Gateway Terminal, and the state’s Port Authority to invest in the future of the state pier.

The governor says they plan on using the pier as a regional hub for the offshore wind industry Under the new partnership, New London will receive 10 percent of the Port Authority’s share of the revenue made from the pier The city will also receive a $75,000 dollar annual fee to cover the costs of police, fire, and other services the city provides.

State leaders say this investment can help bring a boost to New London’s economy.

“New London is It’s a major transportation hub, combining maritime and rail and I’m a big believer in New London that’s a big piece of that and finally what it means in terms of jobs and what it means for the city,” says Governor Ned Lamont.

Orsted, a Denmark based offshore wind company, will be opening an office in New London this spring. The company already has a project in the works 40 miles from Connecticut’s coast and 15 miles south from Martha’s Vineyard.

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