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State braces for artic blast

NEW LONDON -- Connecticut is bracing for another arctic blast.

Many parts of the state are already covered in snow and ice, and temperatures are expected to plummet overnight and into Thursday morning

“In just 15 minutes out on the weather… if you’re not prepared it could be hazardous to your health,” says New London Mayor Michael Passero.

Many communities on the shoreline are getting ready to respond.

“Our police and fire department will be alert for anyone that needs help and we’ll make sure that people get the resources they need,” says Mayor Passero.

The city of New London is also working with local shelters to make sure people have warm and safe place to go.

Wednesday afternoon, the New London Homeless Hospitality Center pulled out plenty of mats and blankets for the next few days.

“When we get the governors emergency, we expect to see more people and we essentially what we do is if we have enough space we provide people with a mat to sleep on. If we don’t have space for that we have chairs, so at least they can be outside of the cold,” says Catherine Hall, the Executive Director for New London Homeless Hospitality Center.

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