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Frigid cold creates challenge for school bus companies

HARTFORD  -- If you think you’re the only one with car troubles during these frigid temperature, you’re not alone.

School bus companies in Connecticut are also dealing with their fair share of woes during the cold.

Specialty Transportation Inc. serves schools in Hartford, the company knows firsthand what it’s like keep a fleet of 75 buses running during single digit temperatures

Crews at Specialty does daily checkups and winterizes their fleet, but sometimes the cold is just too much for the buses.

“Dead batteries all the time...the tires leak air when it gets really cold,” says Sharon Bonini, the Manager at Specialty Transportation.

“Diesel fuel gels easily in cold weather because water can get in the diesel fuel,” says Kyle Puglisi, the Service Manager.

Crews and mechanics arrive several hours before buses are scheduled to roll out. Managers tell FOX 61 they are in constant communication with the Board of Education to ensure students can get to and from  school safely.

Specialty Transportation says when schools decide to run on a delay or cancel classes their crews  still have to come to work and check on buses to make sure they’re ready for the next day.

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