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Monday AM Ad mayhem, what was your favorite SB 53 spot?

GLASTONBURY -- While it wasn't the most exciting contest on the field, Super Bowl 53 provided a few highlights off the field in the stratospherically expensive advertising game.

Playing Monday morning quarterback, as he does each year, Steve Wolfberg, the chief creative officer at  marketing and advertising  firm Cronin and Company in Glastonbury said, “I thought the ads were kind of like the game, kind of workmanlike.”

But Wolfberg added he had a few standouts from Super Bowl Sunday.

“I liked the T-Mobile spots the best, I thought they were the most relatable.”

Wolfberg added he enjoyed the NFL’s madcap one hundredth anniversary banquet spot, as well as a commercial from Verizon’s ads profiling first responders, and the Bubly soda ad featuring Michael Buble.

Not making the top of his list, Wolfberg threw tomatoes at the Avocados from Mexico ad and an M&M’s ad featuring Christina Applegate.

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