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Over the past several months a serial burglary suspect has been breaking his way through homes around Connecticut. On Wednesday, he was back in Connecticut making his way around the state again, but his time, it’s through the police departments.

On January 25th, a homeowner in Avon got an alert on an app on his phone that his house was being burglarized. So he called the cops, they surrounded the house and the suspect was captured. 27 year-old Jarne Jones of Springfield was arrested on Burglary Charges. He appeared in court in Hartford on Wednesday morning.

But after his appearance in Hartford on the Avon charges, Jones was then given a ride to Windsor Locks. When he go there, officers held a warrant for Jones for a burglary into a home last year where the damage and thefts totaled just under $10,000. He was charged there with burglary charges and held on a $50,000 bond.

But as soon as he posted bond in Windsor Locks, the Suffield Police Department was waiting for him, they too held a warrant for Jones for a July 4th burglary in there town.

Captian Chris Mckee, Suffield Police Department described the break-in, “On the night of July 4 late night into early morning July 5 Suffield police department received a report of an activated burglar alarm. Our office responded to the scene, and a check in the perimeter of the home, found some smashed glass in the slider door area going into a sunroom. And subsequently learned that there had been a burglary.”

It was once again a homeowner’s video surveillance app that once again captured a unique angle of Jones, this time it was his distinctive tattoo, caught on video, that ultimately sealed his fate. The low angle of the camera proving very helpful.

Captain McKee talked about the effort to capture Jones, “We had all been communicating in this area a lot of police departments, as you know Brian, share information about crimes particularly serious crimes like burglary. So in January when Avon PD responded to in progress report of a burglary, also caught on a video system. They were able to make an arrest, and because of the still photos we had, we were able to positively identify for our suspect for our offense as the one Avon had apprehended.”

Now Jones is not done, he has a date with the Newington Police Department when he’s done in Suffield, and many other agencies now have him on their radar. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning in Enfield.

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