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Connecticut College voyeurism investigation expands

NEW LONDON - A voyeurism investigation, on the campus of Connecticut College, was expanded late Friday.

The Connecticut College campus has been creeped out since October as numerous female students have reported having cellphone cameras pointed at them as they were preparing to shower.

On Thursday, New London Police interviewed the student they believe is responsible. Then, late Friday afternoon, police announced that, based preliminary evidence, the investigation has evolved to include more than the five incidents initially reported by students.

New London Police say a 20 year old male Connecticut College student took the cellphone pictures.

"I understand how it can happen, but it’s just kind of weird that it kept happening, like in random intervals of time and in the same dorm, too," says Victoria Slater, a Connecticut College senior.

All but one of the reported incidents, which occurred between October and January, took place in Plant House, one of the school's older dorms. The restrooms are co-ed.

"It’s supposed to create an inclusive way to live for all people, who identify in any manner," Slater said.

"People are going to the bathroom in buddies," said Alex Klavens, a senior, who is also the News Editor for the campus newspaper. "People are wearing bathing suits, while showering. I mean, this is absurd."

In a written statement, Connecticut College says, “We have taken measures including the installation of privacy curtains in an affected residence hall...and ensured that there are private restroom options in the affected buildings.”

"Just kind of makes me think that you hope there’s no one else doing that and it was a shock that at the school something like this would happen," said Elena Erdekian, a junior. 

"There’s a number of cell phones that were seized and a laptop computer that we have to do the forensics on to find out what type of information or images that we recover off of these devices," said New London Police Chief, Peter Reichard.

Police will be applying for an arrest warrant.

Connecticut College, in an email to students, said they have "moved to separate the individual from the campus."


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