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Hamden neighborhood voted in wrong races for last 7 years

HAMDEN — Local registrars of voters in Hamden made a mistake redistricting back in 2011.

Approximately 25 households along a mile stretch of Paradise Ave, Hamden were placed into the 11th Senate District, when they actually  belonged in the 17th.

A voter living in the area filed an inquiry after receiving a ballot for Sen. Martin Looney (D) vs. Erin Reilly (R) instead of the ballot he was supposed to get with Sen. George Logan (R) vs. Jorge Cabrera (D).

Officials said the mistake dates back to 2012, which means there were likely voters who cast ballots for candidates that wouldn’t end up representing them in the General Assembly.

State officials are currently looking at proposals to recommend for avoiding a repeat of the incident in the future.

Even though one of the 2018 Senate District races, Logan vs. Cabrera, was very close – decided by just 77 votes – there weren’t enough voters impacted to potentially change the outcome of the race.

State election officials said the problem is being taken very seriously and has since been corrected for future elections.

The state will forward the complaint to the SEEC this week, who will likely launch an investigation.

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