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“Tired of being a silent victim,” New Britain mayor speaks about father’s social media controversy

NEW BRITAIN -- Mayor Erin Stewart addressed the situation with her father's social media comments and subsequent resignation at the end of her Facebook Live Wednesday evening, before a city council meeting.

Stewart said, “It was an unfortunate situation and I said what I said to the public and I don’t think I have to say more about that, I certainly know that all of you know that you’re not going to judge me by what happens there. It’s very unfortunate when there are people that turn it into a political game, and it’s for no other reason than to try to get at me. That’s it. Bottom line.”

Stewart did not speak to reporters at the council meeting.

Timothy Stewart, former mayor and father of the Hardware City’s current mayor, resigned as president of the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce last week. He was placed on administrative leave from two city commissions after he posted a comment on a photo of 50 congresswomen at the State of the Union Address  who wore white as a nod to women’s suffrage. His comment read “B—–s in heat!”

Mayor Erin Stewart said, “I feel like there’s a lot of double standards and there’s a lot of selective outrage that happens there.”

"To be quite honest with you.. there’s a piece of me that’s tired of being a silent victim and a target in all of that and I hope that all of you have the ability to see through that… and to see where it all goes and what the impetus behind that is. And that’s the unfortunate part.”

“I hope that you would be looking at things with a very keen eye. Let’s put it that way.”

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