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Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, who campaigned saying he would support highway tolls only for tractor-trailers, now says he’s considering a wider tolling option.

The Democrat, in an op-ed published Saturday in Hearst Connecticut Media newspapers, says attorneys tell him that truck-only tolling likely could only be done on certain bridges to generate revenue for their repair.

People across the state have been sounding off on the idea as part of our ongoing ‘Dear Lawmakers’ series.

‘Dear Lawmakers‘ is a way to help contact those who govern in this state.  FOX61 will be asking lawmakers about your issues you think are impacting Connecticut and the people in your community.

All you have to do is send an email to share61@fox61.com, or tweet at us @fox61news with this format:

Dear Lawmakers, do something about ____________. 

Sincerely, [your name] from [your town]

Read some responses to Gov. Lamont’s tolls consideration below:

Dear Lawmakers:

I am not surprised Ned (Malloy) Lamont has already begun to show his true colors as just another LIAR politician. Just as Lowell (Malloy) Weicker also LIED about “phasing out” the automobile property tax so he could get his state income tax passed. (I knew THAT would never happen either).
I am weary of the unending “Tax and spend” mindset of this state’s elected officials. I truly believe they lie in bed at night dreaming up new ways to bull$&!# their way into office and then generate more money to blow by sucking it out of my tired, worn out wallet.
Heres a fresh concept- try looking up the definition of frugality – hold state agencies accountable by only using the money CT already gets instead. Just as I have to live within my means, the state needs to learn how to tighten its belt, and stop buying new pants it doesnt need. Neddy should be ashamed of himself for lying to every voter, including all the other candidates he debated. He is NOT the leader he made himself appear to be. Instead, he should get a job hawking junk on QVC.
Sincerely, Albert B. Calve
From Manchester


Dear Lawmakers:
Do something about spending as it is out of control. You may begin by reviewing your bus program as there are numerous buses that are running empty. This is a disgrace and no information has ever been released about the revenue loss. Meanwhile, you wish to add more taxes so that you may increase spending. What will happen as more and more people leave the state and there are no longer an adequate number of middle-class residents left to pay for all of your support programs? Connecticut was once a beautiful state and now our roads are covered with trash, our roads and bridges are crumbling and you wish to add more taxes for repairs, rather than cut spending. Your excuse for increasing taxes is sad, what a crime to push the burden for overspending to the middle-class.
East Haddam


Dear Lawmakers:
Please lawmakers, please do no add insult to mortal injury by adding tolls. My son drove back and forth to NYC over a custody issue surrounding Christmas. It cost $40 Forty dollars. Are you kidding me? And we won’t charge low income people ? If they drive, they pay. I’m 57 year old. I’ve worked my whole life. I live paycheck to paycheck. I cannot WAIT to retire and leave this God forsaken state. Manage what you have and stop looking for more.

Sheila S


Dear Lawmakers:
Approve marijuana legalization to increase tax revenue first…..then determine what additional taxes we in CT need. Don’t leave it at the back door to turn to for an additional budget saver. Pass the things your platform ran on. I voted for you. Please do not change course now that your in office

Matt Steinmetz


Dear Lawmakers:
CTrates #1 where the State Pension crisis has hit hardest. The unfunded liabilities is in excess of $127,788,768,899 according to GOBankingRates. Renegotiate with unions the State pension or do away with the pension plan & offer 401K plans. This is the way to solve our financial crisis not tolls!
Robert Paolino
Old Saybrook


Dear Lawmakers:
If Ned Lamont wants to impose tolls (Another tax) on CT citizens, then remove vehicle property tax.

Sonny R


Dear Lawmakers:
If you insist on tolls, then charge ONLY out of state vehicles. The technology is there. We as CT residents pay enough in taxes and have little to show for it. Let out of state users of our roads, which are in deplorable condition, help pay for the repair and maintenance of these roads.

Diane B


Dear Lawmakers:
I’m retired and on a fixed income. Tolls on Connecticut highways will restrict my travel and force me to limit the visits I’m able to make to see my family.
Do not add tolls to Connecticut highways.

Paul D


Dear Lawmakers:
I am totally against tolls in the state. We are one of the most heavily taxed states in the nation already. Find areas to cut costs rather than raise taxes. We’re near retirement and you already tax Social Security. You are driving us out of the state. This will be just one more reason to leave.

Tony Colozzi
Madison, CT


Dear Lawmakers:
I’m against tolls especially inner state. If anything it should be only at the borders for those entering the state of CT like we have to pay to enter other states.
When does this incessant taxing end?

Narda A


Dear Lawmakers:
CT rates #1 where the State Pension crisis has hit hardest. The unfounded liabilities is in excess of $127,788,768,899 according to GOBankingRates. Renegotiate with unions the State pension or do away with the pension and offer 401K plans. This is the way to solve our financial crisis not tolls that are just a bandade solution!

Robert P


Dear Lawmakers:
The issue of tolls is a serious topic and one that has supporters and opponents. Consider this – without these funds… we the people of Connecticut will continue to drive on roads which a portion of are considered aged, compromised, and unsafe (referring to Engineering Report released in 2018). Surrounding states, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey just to name a few have tolls in effect and are not in the position that we are in. The former governor spent 10 million to fund a research project, and the research has revealed that tolls are necessary NOW. Understanding this will be difficult for some, however the pros outweigh the cons. Please support the governor as poor decisions in the past need to be corrected by rich decisions NOW. Thank you for your time and expected full cooperation.

Daniel Boucher


Dear Lawmakers:

Political candidates should swear on a Bible just like in court that they are going to tell the truth and if they go back on their word it should be a charge of perjury by lying to the people of Connecticut just like now with taxes and tolls Trucks Only?

Bob from New Hartford


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