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MS patient running with tech in her step

WETHERSFIELD – Marisa Boasa is stepping up her game thanks to some new technology.

The runner from Ellington, who has multiple sclerosis and was profiled in a FOX61 story on January 3rd was recently fitted for what is known as a the Pace XL. The Pace XL is a functional electrical stimulation device designed for neuromuscular assistance of gait, the new devices, which Boasa will wear on both legs will help her as her quest to train for a marathon continues. Boasa, who was fitted for the Pace XL system at Hanger Clinic in Wethersfield said, “It will allow me to feel my feet again and I won’t be dealing with the foot drop and that’s a great feeling.”

Abbey Downing, a certified prosthetist and orthotist from Hanger Clinic who has Boasa as a patient said, “The Pace XL actually restores a  natural gait pattern, it will actually lift Marisa’s foot up for her.”

With Boasa training to run the Richmond Marathon in the fall, Downing said, “She’s competitive at heart and I know she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to so with the help of this technology I absolutely think she can do it.”

Boasa then said, “I’m going to continue to train to get me to where I need to be -- and that’s the finish line.”

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