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OLD SAYBROOK–It’s snowing outside Sunday night, but earlier in the day it was in the 40’s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky in Old Saybrook!

“In November, we got that first storm [and] I thought it was going to be a bad year,” says Larry Bonin, the director of the Old Saybrook Public Works Department. “I’m starting to think that March first is now January first.”

March in Connecticut means there’s always a possibility for snow. By Monday, it will be snowing for three out of the four days in March!

“I wouldn’t be surprised if end of March, early April it’s snowing,” says Rebecca Bradshaw, who recently moved from Connecticut to Maryland.

“Four to five inches doesn’t seem that bad to me,” says Newington resident Newell Stamm.

Whether it’s five inches of snow, or a foot of snow, the public works department has to prepare the same way that means there’s going to be a lot of sand out on the roads.

In Old Saybrook, the public works department is working overtime. The Southeastern portion of the state was hit hardest in Saturday morning’s storm. The state is expecting a few more inches of snow Sunday night, which means everyone is getting ready now.

“[We’re] making sure we have sand and salt,” says Bonin. “…making sure we have enough fuel. Things like that.”

While Mother Nature may be making a mess of the roads initially, spring is right around the corner!

“Even if we get five or six inches, it’s going to go away very quickly,” says Old Saybrook resident Jerry Lipchus.

Temperatures are expected to reach close to 40 Monday afternoon, bringing one perk of late-winter snowstorms to light.

“Once the sun rises tomorrow morning, that’s one of our biggest helpers,” says Bonin.

Connecticut will buckle down for colder temperatures in the middle of the week and another round of anticipated snow next weekend.

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