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Read Across America: Teaching empathy in Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE --  Members of the FOX61 morning team traded in the anchor desk for the classroom in Woodbridge on Tuesday.

Margaux Farrell and Keith Mcgilvery were guest readers at the Beecher Road Elementary School. The pair visited with Katie McCollom’s six grade class to read “Rescue and Jessica A Life-Changing Friendship” as part of the school’s year-long look at empathy.

“I learned that empathy is when you can put yourself in others shoes, and you can understand what they are feeling and what they are thinking,” said sixth grader, Hannah Guo. “If they are having a rough day,  you can try to help them, and mostly it is about kindness and inspiration.”

McCollom hopes events like Tuesday’s Reach Across America guest reader day will help teach the students about what it means to be empathetic.

“Teaching empathy is not a lesson plan, it is something that we do every day, by modeling that experience for our students and having them understand that every student, might need something different, that fair does not mean equal,” said McCollom.

After being read to, students in McCollom’s class had a chance to share their thoughts about the book with each other and by writing notes to the authors.

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