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First on Fox: Report on trooper death reveals he was traveling 82 mph at time of crash

HARTFORD - A state police accident report and video of  the crash that killed a trooper last year reveals he was traveling 82 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Trooper First Class Kevin Miller died as a result of a crash in Tolland on March 29, 2018. His cruiser hit the back of a tractor-trailer near Exit 68 on I-84 in Tolland. Funeral services for Miller drew thousands of law enforcement officers from around the country.

The cause of the crash was determined to be driver error. The report also found that Trooper Miller was not wearing a seat belt.

It also showed no avoidance move by Trooper Miller and at the speed of police cruiser was 82.40 mph at impact. The report said the collision would have occurred if the speed was between 65 and 83 mph and speed of Trooper Miller’s vehicle did “not contribute to this collision and is not listed as a contributing factor.”  Miller’s speed, however, “may have been a factor in the occurrence and/or severity of his injuries…”

The report said, “Kevin Miller was unable and failed to recognize the hazard in front of him due to limitations of human capabilities… due to these limitations Miller had insufficient time and distance to apply the brakes, and/or take evasive action to avoid the collision with the rear of the semi-trailer combination.”

An inspection of the cruiser after the crash revealed no abnormalities or mechanical defects that would have been a causative or contributory factor to the crash.

No alcohol or drugs were involved for either Trooper Miller or the driver of the truck he hit.

A post collision inspection of the truck showed it was experiencing an intermittent mechanical issue, identified as a malfunctioning EGR valve 1 which caused a loss of power/boost power of the turbo.  Investigators said this issue was a contributing factor to this collision sequence.

The truck driver had experienced a power loss due to the malfunctioning valve while climbing the highway uphill.  Investigators said he did not make an attempt to move his truck to a place of safety in the shoulder.

Other findings:

  • Tractor trailer had engine issues all day – making run from South Carolina to New Hampshire.
  • Tractor trailer had issues for 24 hour period, but remained on the road.
  • Tractor trailer had rear impact guard assembly to prevent vehicle from going underneath it from behind.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was not the subject of any law enforcement action; though the report said the engine issues with should have been addressed prior to leaving New Jersey.

The report is 603 pages long. It contains video, documents and photos of the scene.

Read the full report here:



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