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Meriden police arrest ‘Momo challenge woman’ to help little girl fall asleep

Evelyn, 5

MERIDEN — They got her!

Meriden police made “arrested” the “Momo woman” from Youtube to help one little girl fall asleep.

The video was posted on Facebook by Grace-Billy Canfield on Sunday, praising the Meriden Police Department on a job well done.

Two officers from the Meriden Police Department explained to the five year-old Evelyn in the video, that “the Momo woman” is now in jail because that is what happens to bad people.

Nice going officers!

Picture of the “Momo challenge woman”

The “Momo Challenge” centers around a creepy image of a woman. Children as young as  six years-old have reportedly been swept up into the challenge, which promises death to victims who don’t follow the orders of the character.

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