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Fifth and final Stop and Shop union votes to strike

HARTFORD -- Stop and Shop employs over 31,000 residents throughout New England and Sunday marks the fifth Stop and Shop Union that has voted to authorize a strike.

Almost 600 members of Local Union 919 gathered in Downtown Hartford where they voted against Stop and Shop’s proposed new contract.

Union members said they are upset about the new contract, citing issues with pay cuts, pensions and health insurance.

“Thirty years with the company and we work hard, very hard, and we deserve what we can get from the company,” Stop and Shop employee Zira White said.

Union Local 919 has over 7,000 Stop and Shop members. It is the fifth and final Local Union to authorize a strike within the past month.

“I feel good authorizing a strike, I feel like it’s time the company stands up and pays the employees what they deserve to get,” Stop and Shop employee Chris Santoro said.

Union Local 919 members are represented by labor union-United Food and Commercial Workers.

“They’re looking to see respect, they’re looking to see a reward for their hard work that has made this company number one throughout New England,” UFCW Local Union 919 President Mark Espinosa said. “Our intentions are to go back to the bargaining table next week, we will meet with the company two more times and after that we’re not sure, decisions will be made.”

An official strike has not been declared. Stop and Shop and Local Unions will meet again to re-negotiate contracts this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday.

The last time Stop and Shop employees went on strike was back in March of 1988.

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